Real Time Medical Systems Launches a Suite of Interventional Analytics Tools to Completely Manage PDPM

July 11, 2019 | Written by: Real Time Medical Systems

Baltimore, MD, July 11, 2019 – Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time), the leading healthcare interventional analytics software company for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), post-acute care providers, hospitals, ACOs, and payers, has seen a 150% growth in sales since the beginning of 2018 as demand increases for an intuitive Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) solution amongst SNFs nationwide.

With the anticipated new Medicare Payment rule set to launch October 1, 2019, SNFs are doing their best to understand the 20,000+ categories (up from 66 RUGS categories) and over 140 additional MDS items that will be used in calculating reimbursements. “SNFs need to be focused on caring for patients, not concerned how to correctly code in PDPM to capture the correct revenue for the care they are providing” states El Harris, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Real Time Medical Systems. “Our flagship interventional analytics software platform helps them do both. When it comes to PDPM, we want to give SNFs a tool that will easily manage PDPM’s Initial Assessment (IA) and Interim Payment Assessments (IPA) – giving facilities confidence that they will be paid correctly.”

Working in collaboration with Zimmet Healthcare, the Real Time team did its due diligence by studying the new PDPM guidelines, researching the marketplace, and listening to its clients. “We’ve really covered all the bases when it comes to creating the best, most comprehensive and complete PDPM solution in the industry – and made it simple to use as well as cost effective” exclaims Mr. Harris.

Based on Real Time’s recent exponential growth, it’s apparent that users of the platform agree. SNFs across the country are welcoming Real Time into their facilities as they prepare for PDPM. The platform optimizes IA revenue by continually scanning over 350+ data points in the EHR, including those found in nursing notes, of every patient, every day. Live IPA Alerts are provided to clinical leaders so IPAs can be submitted for reimbursement with no time or money lost. In addition, the Real Time platform has the agility to work within a facility’s already established work flow and provides an extensive keyword search that does not require any additional data input. Detailed PDPM reports deliver all the information necessary for facilities to complete IAs and IPAs with ease and confidence.

Real Time continues to be an innovator within the healthcare analytics industry. Operating in 700+ facilities, throughout 30+ states, and monitoring nearly 100,000 lives – Real Time continues to ensure patient-centered care is at the forefront for its clients.

About Real Time Medical Systems

Real Time Medical Systems is the leading healthcare interventional analytics company helping to improve the patient care continuum by connecting long-term care facilities, hospitals, ACOs, payers, and affiliated providers in building an integrated preferred care network.

Empowering a proactive approach to patient centered care, Real Time’s interventional analytics platform was developed for skilled nursing facilities to easily identify patients who had a change in care condition and intervene immediately before re-hospitalization occurred – helping to improve clinical and financial performance, while reducing readmission rates by 50%. Since launching their interventional analytics platform in 2012, Real Time has expanded their solution offering to include fully-integrated applications which allow hospitals, ACOs, payers, and affiliated providers to connect and collaborate with their post-acute care networks.

Operating in 800+ facilities and monitoring nearly 100,000 lives – Real Time continues to ensure patient-centered care is at the forefront for its clients.

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