VOICES: Scott Rifkin, MD, Founder and Executive Chairman, Real Time Medical Systems

June 5, 2024
This article is sponsored by Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time). In this Voices interview, Skilled Nursing News sits down with Scott Rifkin, MD, Real Time’s Founder and Executive Chairman, to talk about the impact of value-based care in the skilled nursing industry. Scott provides his insight into the future of value-based care with post-acute and long-term care populations, and offers his perspective on how post-acute providers can prepare for meeting CMS’ Accountable Care Organization relationship goals while adapting to value-based delivery models. Skilled Nursing News: What life and career experiences do you most draw from in your role today? Scott Rifkin: I’ve...read more

How Technology Drives Value-Based Care

May 21, 2024
This article was originally featured in Healthcare IT Today. We all know that CMS is pushing hard towards value-based care. They’re goal is to have 100% of Medicare beneficiaries in a value-based care arrangement by 2030. We see a number of ACO approaches that make up these efforts, along with Medicare Advantage plans. While there are a lot of nuances to their approaches to value-based care, at the core of each of them, is the technology that allows healthcare organizations to make value- based care a reality. Without the right technology, is value-based care even possible? Another thing we’ve learned...read more

Health Plan Executives Discuss the Integral Role Post-Acute Providers Play in the Future of Health Plans

November 15, 2023
Health plans continue to face challenges as they assume responsibility for care that extends beyond the walls of their network’s facilities, specifically, in post-acute care (PAC). In 2021, Medicare spent $28.5 billion on skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) – representing a significant percentage of member care coming in at an extremely high cost. So, just how important is it for health plans to partner and build a post-acute network? More significant than you would think. Real Time recently sat down with a group of health plan executives to learn more about the challenges and successes they face in achieving value-based outcomes...read more

McKnight’s One on One: Improving Outcomes Through Value-Based Care

October 23, 2023
Originally published by McKnight's on October 19, 2023.  As staffing constraints and mounting regulations continue to challenge nursing homes nationwide, it is imperative for care providers to develop innovative strategies in adopting value-based care initiatives that will improve facility performance, occupancy and revenues. During a recent webinar, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Executive Editor James M. Berklan sat down with Scott Rifkin, MD, founder and executive chairman of Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time), to discuss the various types of value-based care payment models available and proven strategies that enable facilities to demonstrate value as high-performing providers for their hospital and health plan...read more

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