VOICES: Kathy Derleth, Senior Clinical Account Manager, Real Time Medical Systems

December 5, 2022
This article is sponsored by Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time). In this Voices interview, Skilled Nursing News sits down with Kathy Derleth (RN, BSN), Real Time’s Senior Clinical Account Manager, to learn what SNFs can do to “Get Back to the Basics” in 2023, including overcoming challenges, and how data-driven technologies can help prioritize care and improve patient outcomes. Kathy also provides her insights into the steps SNFs can take to best prepare for the year ahead. Skilled Nursing News: What career experiences do you most draw from in your role today? Kathy Derleth: Throughout my 41 years of clinical...read more

2023 – The Year for SNFs to Get Back to the Basics

November 16, 2022
In this interview, we sit down with Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time) VP of Clinical Operations Cindy Kreider, RN,BC RAC-CT and Kathy Derleth, RN, BSN, Senior Clinical Account Manager, to discuss Getting Back to the Basics in 2023. Cindy and Kathy will address what SNFs can do in preparation for the new year, challenges they face in implementing these practices, and how data driven technologies can help prioritize care and improve patient outcomes.   Real Time: What does “Getting Back to the Basics” mean, specifically for SNFs? Derleth: Maintaining nursing home regulations can overwhelm even the best equipped facility...read more

Driving Economic Benefits for Value-Based Initiatives

November 9, 2022
In a value-based care (VBC) environment, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are responsible for the entire patient journey. Therefore, their long-term success and financial viability are inherently tied to the performance of their network of post-acute care (PAC) providers. As PAC costs continue to rise and CMS drives forward with value-based, risk bearing models of care, it is essential for providers to take proactive measures. By finding cost-effective, data-driven solutions, care facilities can meet the future demands of healthcare. Yet, disparate electronic health record (EHR) systems between acute and post-acute providers continue to pose challenges. With approximately 50% of PAC costs...read more

Strengthen Infection Prevention and Control Regulations and Antibiotic Surveillance through Post-Acute Analytics

November 2, 2022
As CMS continues to enforce the regulatory process around infection prevention and control (IPC) efforts, there is an increased focus on the Long-Term Care Phase 3 Requirements of Participation (RoP). With ongoing efforts to address COVID-19, the spotlight remains on IPC and specifically, on the role of the Infection Preventionist (IP) and Antibiotic Stewardship. Approximately 40-75% of prescribed antibiotics in skilled nursing facilities (SNF) may be unwarranted or unsuitable, resulting in serious risk of infections, increased adverse drug interactions and events, and even death. There is also the serious threat of antibiotic-resistant infections, which afflict 2.8 million Americans annually. With...read more

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