Executive Series: The Integral Role Technology Plays in Value-based Care – Paving the Way to Improve Efficiencies, Care, and Costs for Skilled Nursing Facilities Within Value Based Care Programs

July 20, 2022
Every day until 2030, 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach the age of 65 and seven out of ten people will require long-term care. With over 1.3 million patients residing in over 15,600 nursing homes domestically, post-acute providers bear the responsibility of ensuring the quality of care being provided, while simultaneously trying to achieve revenue goals and increase occupancy. With the integration of value-based care (VBC), fee-for-service models have become outmoded and are now evaluated on the quality of care provided, improved health outcomes, and patient satisfaction. Ultimately, driving a drastic shift in current care delivery models and higher demand for...read more

Executive Series: The Integral Role Technology Plays in Value-based Care – How Acute Care Providers Can Adopt Technologies to Lower Costs in Value Based Programs

July 13, 2022
Hospital discharges to post-acute care (PAC) facilities have rapidly increased, resulting in more hospital readmissions and increased costs of care. One in four patients discharged from an acute care hospital to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is readmitted within 30 days. Not only are the financial costs of these readmissions substantial, but they put patients at unnecessary risk and can often be prevented. To improve care and costs, it’s crucial to drive home the importance of value-based care (VBC) across the PAC setting, as well as how to implement it without causing an abundance of extra work for staff. VBC focuses...read more

VOICES: Cindy Kreider, Vice President Clinical Operations, Real Time Medical Systems

June 27, 2022
This article is sponsored by Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time). In this Voices interview, Skilled Nursing News sits down with Real Time’s Vice President Clinical Operations, Cindy Kreider (RN, BC RAC-CT) to learn how Real Time is helping SNFs through Advance Care Planning or ACP. Kreider relays how ACP helps SNFs with their value-based care goals and shares why in skilled nursing, 2022 will be the year of getting back to the basics. Skilled Nursing News: Cindy, what career experiences do you most draw from in your role today with Real Time? Cindy Kreider: I’ve had the privilege to serve...read more

How Advance Care Planning Can Benefit Post-Acute Care

May 25, 2022
As more and more aging seniors accelerate towards the later stages of life, the number of decisions both they and their family’s face, can often become insurmountable. Although they may be presented with an onslaught of decisions, it is imperative to ensure they are able to maintain the same quality of life they are accustomed to. While these sensitive conversations can often be difficult, initiating discussions with the patient and their family members/loved ones are often mutually beneficial in helping to prepare for where they are in their biological life cycle. With all these factors and potentially challenging discussions, what...read more

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