Preparing for the Baby Boomer’s Impact on Post-Acute Care Delivery

May 4, 2022
By 2030, the economically influential generation known as the Baby Boomers, will have turned 65 and become eligible for Medicare - catapulting enrollment to over 80 million beneficiaries. While the sheer volume of this group alone will impact our nation’s healthcare system, this new generation will ultimately reshape traditional long-term and post-acute care delivery models. Leading the consumerization of healthcare, these Baby Boomers grew up during a time of significant technological advancements and are accustomed to obtaining information and making their own healthcare decisions with a click of a button. Unlike the generation before them, these new beneficiaries are more

Dr. Scott Rifkin Discusses the Vital Role Nursing Facilities Play in Value-Based Care

April 20, 2022   Scott Rifkin, MD, is an innovative healthcare leader with a passion for improving the health and lives of vulnerable seniors across the United States. With over 30 years of experience as an internal medicine physician, a significant part of his career has involved helping nursing homes deliver better, more efficient care. Scott has employed his knowledge and diverse skill set to start and lead companies committed to ensuring high-quality, value-based care for post-acute care patients. From 2003 to 2017, Scott owned and operated Mid-Atlantic Healthcare. Under his leadership, the organization grew from one facility to 21 facilities more

How SNFs Can Overcome Medicare Advantage Challenges and Embrace a Value-Based Care Mindset

March 30, 2022
There are often instances when a skilled nursing facility (SNF) receives patients who are covered by a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan and face more time-consuming challenges than admitting patients with traditional Medicare. It can frequently become laborious for the SNF caregiving staff to gather data in order to determine appropriate care and length of stay (LOS). For example, PT/OT may be ordered upon admission to the SNF, but it is possible the patient also needs additional services such as Speech Therapy or a special bed may be needed to properly care for a patient receiving treatment for wound care. more

Improve Population Health Outcomes for Medicare Beneficiaries

March 2, 2022
The last of our country’s baby boomers are reaching retirement age, making them eligible for Medicare. When this younger group of ‘trailing edge’ boomers joins the ‘leading age’ boomers (seniors approaching 80 years), Medicare enrollment will catapult to 80 million beneficiaries by 2040. Our senior population is living longer and presents more complex healthcare needs than previous generations. The National Council on Aging reports that 80% of older adults have one chronic illness while nearly 70% have two or more - meaning more people than ever before will rely on our nation’s healthcare delivery system. In turn, establishing an more

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