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With the shift towards value-based care, the number of ACOs has grown exponentially, now covering 32 million Americans. Building strong LTPAC networks has never been more vital to their success, or more challenging. Real Time’s Interventional Analytics solution enables ACOs to obtain live, actionable data from LTPAC partners. Providing risk stratification at both the patient level and facility level, ACOs can place the right patient, in the right care setting, at the right time to improve total cost of care.  


  • Obtain live clinical data on patients care 
  • Optimize Population Health  
  • Minimize total cost of care 
  • Enhance quality measures 
  • Reduce rehospitalization  
  • Improve care coordination 


Real Time enables us to have a true partnership with our SNF network. Having the ability to view the patient’s EHR records, live, while in the SNF care is a game-changer.  We are able to better partner with our SNFs to improve quality, reduce readmissions, and advance our care coordination efforts.”
— Director, Post-Acute Care

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