Clinical Improvement

Real Time provides care staff with detailed clinical alerts and intervention recommendations to ensure the appropriate care is administered, improving quality of care and reducing hospital readmissions.

Infection Control Management

Real Time’s Infection Risk Assessment tools enable clinicians to identify early warning signs of infectious diseases to avoid potential outbreaks days in advance. Early detection paired with Real Time’s Interventional Analytics solution allows clinicians to better identify, manage, and proactively intervene in care days in advance.

Live Rehospitalization Risk

Real Time’s patent-pending Readmission Risk Scoring Tool, CARD, identifies residents who may be at high risk for rehospitalization. Based on the LACE Index, CARD analyzes live data from the post-acute EHR, detects subtle changes in condition, and pushes live alerts to clinical teams, including suggested interventions, when data indicates the potential for a negative outcome.


Real Time is not just another analytics tool. Our sophisticated Interventional Analytics platform receives EHR data previously inaccessible to financial executives and turns it into actionable insights that can have an immediate impact on your ROI.

PDPM Accuracy

Data suggests that missed coding opportunities, lack of Interim Payment Assessment (IPA) submissions, and declining lengths of stay are just a few areas that facilities continue to face challenges with PDPM. Real Time’s PDPM Complete utilizes live data extracted directly from the EHR, including mission critical information found in nursing notes, to identify missed coding opportunities and deliver live IPA Alerts.

Care Management

Healthcare organizations are continually challenged to find cost-effective solutions in establishing care coordination across the healthcare continuum. Lack of data sharing and disparate EHR systems make it nearly impossible to achieve coordinated care efforts without the added expense of adopting a new EHR system – until now.

Enterprise Management

Receive a complete picture of how your facilities are performing including quality measures, readmission rates, and PDPM reimbursement to drive portfolio performance and strategic goals.

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