As Maryland continues to redesign its health care delivery system through the Total Cost of Care Model, our partnership with Real Time is an example of an innovative approach focused on ensuring that residents receive the highest standard of care while at the same time reducing unnecessary costs within the health care system. Kevin Heffner, Chief Executive Officer of LifeSpan Network
The ability to seamlessly integrate with our EHR, with no disruption to our current workflow was a huge feature in our decision with choosing Real Time, as are the sophisticated analytical features incorporating nurses notes and providing real-time patient and financial trends. These features position us to proactively prepare for the upcoming Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) implementation. Gary Blake, Chief Executive Officer of Creative Solutions in Healthcare
From when we started to maybe 8 months later, we had one building that had an 85% reduction in illogical coding. All of our buildings were above 50-60%. [Real Time] gave us the focus we needed. Wayne Brannock, Chief Operation Officer at Lorien Health Services
This tool [Real Time] assists in preventing rehospitalizations and helps identify residents who could trigger a potential quality measure. Chuck Moody, Vice President of Clinical Services of Creative Solutions in Healthcare

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