Drive Value-Based Care Collaboration With Post-Acute Data

To succeed in value-based care programs, health plans need to obtain and share real-time clinical insights into the facility-based care their members receive – especially as it pertains to one of their most costly provider types, post-acute care. 

Learn how Real Time is helping health plans improve plan performance, lower unnecessary utilization, reduce readmissions, and streamline care coordination with real-time access to live data from post-acute plan providers.

Improve Plan Performance

Gain visibility into your members care during their post-acute stay by obtaining live, critical data from diverse EHR platforms from your post-acute plan providers. By receiving live insights, alerts, and trend analysis, case managers are able to monitor high-risk and high-utilization members and drive interventions to improve member outcomes and HEDIS quality measures.

Streamline Post-Acute Care Coordination

To succeed in value-based care, collaboration is key. Accessing live data from a member’s post-acute stay allows health plans to streamline care coordination and share member insights with network providers. Improving care collaboration across the continuum ensures successful transitions of care, and delivers affordable quality care.

Reduce Overall Total Cost of Care

Real Time’s proprietary, KLAS Rated Interventional analysis data, including live readmission risk scoring, quality measures, and length of stay, has proven to reduce readmissions by 50%, decrease post-acute utilization by 40%+, and increase in network referrals by 40%+ – significantly impacting the overall total cost of care.


  • Obtain live structured and unstructured data from post-acute EHRs within your network
  • Monitor high-risk and high-utilization members, reducing rehospitalizations by 50% (avg.)
  • Decrease length of stay by 40%+ within post-acute setting
  • Increase in network referral compliance by 40%+
  • Minimize utilization management and unnecessary medical expenses
  • Streamline care coordination efforts with post-acute networks
  • Analyze performance of post-acute providers, focusing on high-quality, low-cost providers
  • Establish centralized infection control and antibiotic stewardship surveillance
  • Identify early transitions of care opportunities (community/home health/hospice)

what our board of advisors say about us

“Post-acute spending is a significant component of the health care dollar, and there remains a sizable opportunity for health plans, ACO’s and risk-bearing provider groups to realize the opportunity that the post-acute setting brings in achieving value-based initiatives and care outcomes. I look forward to contributing to Real Time’s continued collaboration towards an avenue of customers across the payer market and improving how care is delivered within post-acute settings, by delivering an effective, managed care tool with meaningful and actionable alerts that nursing facilities can really benefit from and, that really hasn’t existed up until now.”

— Nancy Cocozza, Senior Health Plan Advisor for Real Time

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