Connecting Care Through Interventional Analytics

Serving healthcare organizations nationwide, Real Time improves clinical performance by reducing avoidable hospital readmissionsmanaging care coordination efforts, and detecting early warning signs of infectious disease.

Through EHR clinical line of sight, Interventional Analytics, and hospital readmission risk stratification, Real Time enables LTPAC, health systems and hospitals, ACOs, and managed care plan stakeholders to successfully perform under risk-based care models. Trusted by care teams nationwide, Real Time proactively provides live insights to monitor, collaborate, and intervene in care, improving the patient care continuum. 

Long-Term and Post-Acute Care

Unlock the Power of Your EHR   

EHR’s may capture the data, but they lack the sophistication needed to properly analyze and comprehensively present the data in real-time. By extracting live data from the EHR, including nursing notes, and comparing it to the resident’s last 30-days of clinical documentation, Real Time’s Interventional Analytics solution allows clinical teams to easily identify residents at high risk for readmission or infection, provides live clinical alerts with suggested interventions, and accesses live analysis of their total resident population with a click of a button. Our solution is proven to reduce operational costs, improve quality outcomes, and increase revenues 

Health Systems/Hospitals

Improve Care Management 

The disparate EHR systems between hospitals and their LTPAC partners continue to pose challenges in the ability to improve patient care, while reducing costs. Real Time helps hospitals and health systems obtain clinical line of sight into their patient’s care during the LTPAC stay. As new data is entered into the LTPAC’s EHR, hospitals are able to monitor their patients’ progression live and collaborate with LTPAC clinical teams on the day-to-day care and decision making – at any time from any place to reduce avoidable readmissions.  

Accountable Care Organizations

Drive Performance Improvement 

With the shift towards value-based care, the number of ACOs has grown exponentially, now covering 32 million Americans. Building strong LTPAC networks has never been more vital to their success, or more challenging. Real Time’s Interventional Analytics solution enables ACOs to obtain live, actionable data from LTPAC partners. Providing risk stratification at both the patient level and facility level, ACOs can place the right patient, in the right care setting, at the right time to improve total cost of care.  

Managed Care

Improve Care Collaboration

Partnering with LTPAC facilities nationwide, Real Time enables managed care plans to connect directly to their members care plan during the LTPAC stay. Utilizing the industry’s leading Interventional Analytics solution, case managers will receive live clinical alerts, including interventional recommendations, when a members care in condition changes enabling them to work collaboratively with LTPAC clinicians to avoid rehospitalizations, manage length of stay, and reduce overall total cost of care.  


“This tool (Real Time) assists in preventing rehospitalizations and helps identify residents who could potentially trigger a potential quality measure”
— Chuck Moody, Vice President of Clinical Services of Creative Solutions in Healthcare

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