Reduce Hospital Readmissions by 52% with CARD

Real Time’s patent-pending Readmission Risk Scoring Tool, CARD, identifies patients who may be at high risk for rehospitalization. Based on the LACE Index, CARD detects subtle changes in condition and pushes live alerts to clinical teams, including suggested interventions, when data indicates the potential for a negative outcome. Each patient is assigned a color-code of “green/yellow/red” allowing clinicians to quickly see who is at highest risk for readmissions.    

How It Works

Utilizing comprehensive algorithms to analyze live data within the post-acute EHR, CARD applies a pointbased system on four key indicators within the EHR.  

C – Clinical Alerts

Number of real-time clinical alerts that occurred in the last 72 hours

A – Admission Proximity

Score based upon number of days since admission, with fewer days increasing the score

R – Readmission History

Scored if any hospital or ER visits in the last 180 days

D – Diagnosis Score

Based upon existence of specific, active diagnosis/comorbidities

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