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Real Time is not just another analytics tool. Our sophisticated Interventional Analytics platform receives EHR data previously inaccessible to financial executives and turns it into actionable insights that can have an immediate impact on your ROI. 

Achieve Accurate PDPM Reimbursement with PDPM Complete

PDPM Complete utilizes live data extracted directly from the EHR, including mission critical information found in nursing notes, to identify missed coding opportunities at the Initial Assessment, and deliver live IPA Alerts. Real Time helps facilities improve PDPM revenues through accurate reimbursement. Recent data suggests Real Time is helping our 1,000+ partners realize an average of $32.25PPD in additional IPA revenue.   

Receive MDS QRP Compliance Reporting

Ensure your reports are complete. Know at any time where your dashes are and ensure your post-acute facility is below CMS’ 20% threshold. Rest assured, with the use of Real Time’s live MDS QRP reporting tool, your nursing facility will never be in jeopardy of the CMS 2% total annual revenues penalty.  

Identify CNA Illogical Coding Errors

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) continue to be important financial and clinical indicators, especially in Case Mix states. Illogical or incorrect ADL coding many times correlates to improper reimbursement. Real Time highlights illogical coding errors, letting you know “who” and “when” they occur, so you can correct issues and not miss out on revenue opportunities

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