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Healthcare organizations are continually challenged to find cost-effective solutions in establishing care coordination across the healthcare continuum. Lack of data sharing and disparate EHR systems make it nearly impossible to achieve coordinated care efforts – until now. Real Time’s suite of Interventional Analytics solutions enables LTPAC facilities to seamlessly share live clinical data with their partner hospitals, health systems, ACOs, and health plans to improve care, reduce costs, and achieve a level of interoperability.   

Securely Share Data and Obtain Clinical Line of Sight

Real Time enables LTPAC facilities to securely share EHR data with partnering hospitals, ACOs, and health plans. By providing clinical line of sight and live data as it is entered into the resident’s chart, both clinical leaders and case managers can remotely collaborate to improve the resident’s care plan postdischarge from the hospital. Our Interventional Analytics solution improves care outcomes and reduces costly readmissions by 52% (avg.) 

Connect Care Through Interventional Analytics

Offering the industry’s only Interventional Analytics solution, Real Time pushes live clinical alerts to clinical leaders and case managers on an LTPAC patient’s subtle changes in condition. Real Time identifies resident clinical data as it is entered and compares it to the past 30 days of patient medical records. Nurses notes and associated progress notes are also assessed, as well as an assessment of recorded diagnoses. We identify subtle changes in condition as they happen, enabling LTPAC to advance care that much more efficiently. Embedded into our clinical alerts are suggested clinical interventions as developed by AMDA and INTERACT 3.0. 

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