Real Time Medical Systems Announces New Partnership With Texas-Based Healthcare Company, Creative Solutions in Healthcare

July 24, 2019 | Written by: Real Time Medical Systems

Baltimore, MD, July 24, 2019 – Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time), the leading healthcare interventional analytics company connecting long-term care facilities, hospitals, ACOs, payers, and affiliated providers, expands their coordinated care efforts within the south-west through their recent partnership with Creative Solutions in Healthcare (Creative Solutions). Operating over 70+ facilities throughout the state of Texas, including skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, Creative Solutions is a leading care provider within the senior community.

“We are extremely excited to be implementing Real Time’s interventional analytics tool, Real Time, throughout all our facilities” states Gary Blake, CEO of Creative Solutions in Healthcare. “The ability to seamlessly integrate with our EHR, with no disruption to our current workflow was a huge feature in our decision with choosing Real Time, as are the sophisticated analytical features incorporating nurses notes and providing real-time patient and financial trends. These features position us to proactively prepare for the upcoming Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) implementation.”

Real Time continues to be an innovator within the healthcare analytics industry. With over 700+ facilities currently utilizing Real Time’s leading interventional analytics tools, the company is working toward improving collaborative coordinated care efforts between hospitals and post-acute care providers within our communities.

“Having Creative Solutions join the Real Time network is a true testament to our efforts in creating an integrated preferred care network,” states Joan Neuscheler, CEO of Real Time Medical Systems. “We are honored to be providing an analytical solution that will help to increase their efforts in providing superior patient-care to their senior community, while minimizing the administrative burdens that face so many clinicians today.”

About Real Time Medical Systems

Real Time Medical Systems is the leading healthcare interventional analytics company helping to improve the patient care continuum by connecting long-term care facilities, hospitals, ACOs, payers, and affiliated providers in building an integrated preferred care network.

Empowering a proactive approach to patient centered care, Real Time’s interventional analytics platform was developed for skilled nursing facilities to easily identify patients who had a change in care condition and intervene immediately before re-hospitalization occurred – helping to improve clinical and financial performance, while reducing readmission rates by 50%. Since launching their interventional analytics platform in 2012, Real Time has expanded their solution offering to include fully-integrated applications which allow hospitals, ACOs, payers, and affiliated providers to connect and collaborate with their post-acute care networks.

Operating in 800+ facilities and monitoring nearly 100,000 lives – Real Time continues to ensure patient-centered care is at the forefront for its clients.

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