Unlock the Power of Your EHR With Live, Actionable Insights

With improved care outcomes driving reimbursements, outdated MDS data and limited EHR clinical analysis will no longer be a viable solution in a value-based care world. Post-acute providers need to obtain live, actionable insights to intervene in patient care early and deliver seamless care coordination with healthcare partners. Increase partner referrals by reducing readmissions, accurately managing reimbursements, detecting early signs of infectious disease, and automating antibiotic surveillance.

Improve Clinical Outcomes & Quality Measures

Unlike most EHRs, Real Time empowers facilities to create customized clinical alerts with interventional recommendations that support improved quality of care and reduced hospital readmissions. While MDS Scrubbers and CASPER reports place you in a reactive mode, Real Time’s live clinical insights deliver a proactive QAPI approach, so clinicians are better informed to treat the right patients, at the right time – achieving better quality measure management.

Automate Infection Surveillance Programs

Using live data pulled from the EHR, Real Time’s Infection Prevention & Control and Antibiotic Stewardship Surveillance solution automates tracking and trending insights. This allows infection preventionists to proactively identify early onsets of infections, monitor antibiotic usage, track vaccinations, and simplify reporting across all facilities – with no additional work or duplicate data entry needed.

Get Paid for All the Care You Provide

Accurately manage PDPM reimbursements by utilizing live data within the EHR to identify commonly missed coding opportunities during the Initial Assessment, including nursing, SLP comorbidities, NTA, and depression – capturing an additional $30.65PPD. Receive live Interim Payment Assessment Alerts, with the attributed $PPD rates, when patients meet specific criteria which differs from initial MDS – improving reimbursement accuracy by $35.59PPD.

Reduce Readmissions & Increase Referrals

By establishing a 72-hour baseline upon each patient’s admission, Real Time’s Readmission Risk Scoring tool, CARD, risk stratifies every patient, every minute, every day. CARD detects subtle changes in condition by identifying high-risk patients and provides interventional alerts to clinicians so they can quickly intervene in care before an adverse event occurs – reducing readmissions by 50% and increasing partner referrals by 40%+.


  • Obtain live clinical and reimbursement documentation from structured and unstructured data in the EHR
  • Drive quality measures and reimbursement outcomes, within and across all facilities
  • Monitor high-risk patients and reduce avoidable rehospitalizations by 50% (avg.)
  • Implement centralized Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship Surveillance programs
  • Automate tracking and trending insights to identify early onsets of infections, monitor antibiotic usage, and simplify reporting
  • Establish early Advance Care Directives
  • Streamline care coordination with healthcare partners and increase referrals by 40% (avg.)
  • Avoid coding oversight on PDPM Initial Assessment and capture an additional $30.65PPD (avg.)
  • Identify PDPM Interim Payment Assessments to improve reimbursement accuracy by $35.59PPD (avg.)
  • Access critical patient data and receive live alerts 24/7/365 with Real Time’s Notification App

what our CLIENTS say about us

“Since implementing Real Time’s solution, we have seen a significant decline in rehospitalizations while increasing staff satisfaction with no additional work. We’ve also noticed a substantial impact to our star ratings. We’ve had buildings jump to 5-Stars or move up 2-Stars, resulting in all of our buildings now being 3, 4, 5-Star facilities, a true testament to the care outcomes being provided.”

— Angela Huffman, Vice President of Clinical Operations for Affinity Health Services

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