Real Time and the QIOs 1-Year Collaboration Celebration

The fourth and final week of our Collaboration Celebration is finally here! Outlined below are this week’s activities, trainings, and more! Be sure to complete these challenges by March 5, 2024 to earn points. The participant with the highest weekly points will win an Amazon gift card.

Week 4 Challenges

» Attend Open Door Forum Webinar (50 points): Real Time Open Door Forum – Ask Us! | Wednesday, February 28, 2024 | 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET | Register Here

» Setup Consultant Pharmacist Training with Angela or Kathy (100 points*): Or MD, NP, PA to occur prior to March 1 | Email Angela Huffman or Kathy Derleth *100 points if any of your providers attend

» Register Consultant Pharmacist for QIO Clinical Training (25 points): Or MD, NP, PA and have them attend | Register Here

» Submit 3 Best Practices of How You Utilize Real Time (25 points): As part of your daily clinical operation | Email to Angela Huffman or Kathy Derleth     


Week 3 Challenges

In case you missed it, outlined below are Week 3’s Challenges. Be sure to complete these challenges by March 5, 2024 to earn points.

» Send a Photo of Your Morning Clinical Meeting Team (25 points): As you review all your High Risk residents | Email to Angela Huffman or Kathy Derleth

» Complete QAPI Training Poll Questions (25 points): Feedback on this month’s fun activities

» Add Consultant Pharmacists as New Real Time Users (75 points): Or MD, NP, PA and share reoccurring QIO webinar training links

» Register Medical Director for Open Door Forum (75 points): Ask questions about Real Time’s data solution | Register Here


Additional Resources:

  • Infection Control Graphs: Utilize these graphs for your facility’s IPC efforts – Download Here
  • CDC Guidance on Implementation of TBP – Download Here
  • CDC ICAR Tool and Observation Modules Download Here

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