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PHCA Virtual Symposium Session: Data Analytics: The Unexpected Hero of the Staffing Crisis

Educational Session

May 4 - May 18

With compounding staffing challenges and heightened regulatory oversight, now more than ever, the post-acute care continuum is being asked to do more with less. As we adapt to our new normal, how can we possibly reduce administrative burdens while improving quality of care? Looking forward, the key lies within your resident data.

During this presentation, we’ll highlight how accessing live post-acute analytics can help prioritize care management and workload balance – allowing care teams to spend more time bedside instead of at a desk. We will discuss techniques to standardize care delivery and documentation that require no additional work or data entry from nursing or agency staff. First-hand insights and best practices will be shared on the role that live clinical analysis can have on enhancing staff efficiency and resident care tasks. By enabling care teams to get back to the basics in reestablishing their current care processes, we can redesign the future of care delivery.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore how post-acute analytics can be utilized to adjust for acuity while supporting patient-centric care delivery based on current resident status
  • Establish and prioritize data-driven standardized care pathways and documentation to reduce regulatory and administrative burdens
  • Understand how a care coordination strategy can easily leverage patient EHR data to improve quality care, risk stratify and clinically prioritize patients, reduce hospital readmissions, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes

Speaker: Kathy Derleth, RN, BSN, Senior Clinical Account Manager, Real Time Medical Systems

This session will be available OnDemand during the Pennsylvania Health Care Association’s Virtual Quality Symposium.

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