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Leverage Live Data to Maintain a Culture of Care, Communication, and Compliance

Educational Session

June 18 @ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm EDT

Operating in a highly regulated environment, Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) operators feel the weight of meeting compliance standards and requirements set forth by CMS daily. But what exactly does it mean to “be compliant?” It’s much broader than just following standards laid out by regulators – it’s also adherence to an organization’s internal protocols, clinical standards, and expected outcomes for various stakeholders. Compliancy touches all the steps that best guide care decisions and when combined with a Culture of Care and excellent Communication, SNFs can achieve greater clinical, operational, and financial success. In these challenging times, as CMS sends out state and federal surveyors to ensure SNFs are providing safe, quality care, they are making sure care strategies are not just implemented and forgotten, but that they are continually monitored and evaluated for success. This session explores how live data analytics can be leveraged by SNF teams to reduce administrative and regulatory burden by providing a means to monitor resident clinical status, risk stratify patients, and simplify communications facility-wide. We will discuss how data that already exists in facility EHRs can be used to help meet state and federal requirements, prepare for regulatory reporting and onsite surveys, conduct infection surveillance, and mitigate risk. The key areas of compliance will be highlighted as will the valuable role live data plays in the Process Improvement Plan (PIP), which must have measurable goals and timelines for ensuring the implementation and maintenance of systemic approaches in an ongoing basis.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify residents experiencing high risk changes that may result in rehospitalization and develop clinical standards collaboration, communication, and compliance for timely intervention
  • Leverage post-acute data analytics to streamline process improvement outcomes and survey compliance, as well as manage resident care in alignment with resident needs, coordinated clinical standards, and value-based care initiatives
  • Recite the key metrics to monitor for a successful, comprehensive Quality Assurance Program that supports and maintains regulatory compliance


This session will be presented at the Texas HealthCare Association’s 2024 Summer Leadership Retreat.

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