As a companion application to Real Time’s full suite of solutions, this new app brings your Clinical Alerts and Keyword Notifications on the go – enabling care teams to receive live alerts 24/7/365.

Compatible with Apple and Android smart devices, the application allows members of your care team to specify which clinical alerts and keywords that are most important to them. These customizable features will provide real-time, actionable data to improve the continuity of patient care within and across all facilities in your network.

Customize Clinical Alerts and Keyword Notifications

Receiving immediate notifications pulled directly from PAC EHR data, the app offers several customizable features enabling users to specify the prioritization of Real Time alerts and chosen keywords across the PAC network or assigned facilities and other important parameters such as care team role, payer source, and unit(s).

Intervene in Care 24/7/365

The Notifications App is a critical tool in improving transitions of care – especially during the first 72-hours of a patient’s admission to the facility when readmission risk is highest. Easily identify high-risk patients and immediately apply appropriate interventions to reduce unnecessary rehospitalizations and prevent adverse events from occurring, 24/7/365.

Improve Financial Outcomes

Immediately impact your facility’s ROI, by identifying reimbursement changes, including Interim Payment Assessments, to improve financial outcomes within and across all facilities.

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