Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

Our ideal candidate is an experienced Senior Software Engineer who will lead our Sustaining Engineering team. Candidates should have comprehensive software development and analytics experience, good organization, and communication skills, and be able to work well within a fast-paced, geographically distributed team environment. Candidates must be self-directed, confident, eager to solve problems and be able to work without requiring a great deal of supervision. This role will focus on Sustaining Engineering efforts to perform root cause analysis and resolution of Production issues, build a services practice to manage customer data acquisition, and document and work to improve our processes and platform through the reduction of Technical Debt. Also, as your time allows, you will work on any number of projects.

Production Escalations and Analysis
Data Acquisition Procedures and Management
Software Development
SKILLS and Experience Needed
Additional Experience
Education and Experience
Physical Requirements
Why You’ll Love it Here

Please send your resume to [email protected] for immediate consideration.

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