Why Pay to Analyze the Wrong Data?

Using an MDS Analyzer to cleanse MDS reports may point out obvious documentation errors, but it certainly won’t increase reporting accuracy or improve the long-term efficiency and financial viability of your facility. Basing clinical and financial decisions on dated MDS data keeps your facility in a reactionary state.

Real Time brings a forward-thinking, proactive healthcare approach to skilled nursing facilities. We believe that working with real-time clinical data is the most significant way to positively impact the health of each resident.

By analyzing only the most accurate, up-to-date resident information taken from your EMR, Real Time provides clinicians with real-time data to predict declines in resident health and recommend specific interventions to improve quality outcomes for each resident, without completing and submitting an MDS.

Accurate ADL Scores Maximize Reimbursements

The key to any successful healthcare data analysis is how accurate and recent the data set is. Clinical decisions based on old, stagnant MDS data are just as outdated as the data itself. Make better clinical and financial decisions with real-time ADL data and insights from TranSights.