Powerful Healthcare Analytics You Can Trust

Data-driven healthcare analytics are the keystone of any operational decision. With Real Time, operations professionals are equipped with robust healthcare analytics to aid in improving resident care outcomes and increasing revenues. While Real Time’s analytics and business insights are comprehensive, our intuitive reports feature graphs and trends that non-clinicians can easily digest to gain a global perspective of their facilities.

Finally, ONE Tool for Complete Clinical and Financial Insights

Healthcare Analytics for Long-term Care Operations - TranSights DashboardYour EMR contains an immense amount of data. The challenge lies with data that is “locked” inside the EMR, inaccessible to you and your operations staff. Even when you can access the data, turning it into actionable insights to drive efficiency and compliance in your long-term care facility would be near impossible with your staffing and budget constraints.

Real Time extracts key clinical data from any EMR and runs it through our powerful analytics engine to produce real-time clinical and financial insights you can use. With one easy-to-understand dashboard, you can unlock the data in your EMR and access the clinical and financial analytics your facility needs.

Shift-by-Shift ADL Visibility to Maximize Reimbursement

Increasing reimbursement rates has long been an unattainable goal for many long-term care facilities. Operations managers often know how to do it, but lack the insights to know where and when to implement the changes.

With real-time ADL visibility from Real Time, you can track exactly which residents have room for improvement and identify discrepancies in care provided versus care documented.

Reporting to your CEO and CFO has never been easier. Be confident that you’ve correctly calculated ADL scores and maximized reimbursement rates. Your executives will notice the bottom line impact.

In some cases, the difference between an A level ADL score and a B or C level score can be up to $95 per resident per day. The value of accurate ADL documentation cannot be overstated.

ADL Distributions at a 25-facility Chain Before and After Implementing TranSights

Access to Live Quality Measures

With Real Time, the director of nursing can finally manage care with real-time Quality Measures.  Relying on the old MDS data and dated CASPER reports are now a thing of the past. Real Time identifies newly triggered QMs for rapid clinical response.  These insights allow the facility to implement QAPI measures to improve the care delivery model and to regain the stars they have most recently lost.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Due to expanded hospital readmission penalties, healthcare providers are losing significant amounts of Medicare payments. With Real Time, long-term care providers can detect changes in a resident’s medical condition as they develop, empowering the clinical staff to intervene before the condition requires more extensive treatments or readmission to the hospital.

This proactive approach to healthcare has helped our customers significantly reduce hospital readmissions, add 10% more billable days per month, and increase Medicare PPD by 3%—all driven by actionable healthcare analytics insights.

Improve Your 5-Star Quality Rating with Real-time Care Support

5 star rOnline ratings and reviews are important for every business, especially in the healthcare industry. Families, referring physicians, and hospitals all evaluate the quality and legal standing of a long-term care facility before admitting a resident.

Real Time helps your facility increase its 5-star quality rating on Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare. With meaningful clinical insights and intervention recommendations, Real Time can have a direct and lasting impact on the Quality Measures and Health Inspections portions of your quality rating. Let our analytics be your competitive advantage.

Gain a competitive advantage over other facilities with proactive clinical guidance and reduced hospital readmission rates delivered by Real Time’s up-to-date, interventional healthcare analytics for skilled nursing facilities.