Optimize ARD Selection to Maximize Reimbursement

Real-time ADL Coordination Software - TranSights DashboardReal-time analytics from Real Time make it easy for decision makers to choose an assessment reference date (ARD) that’s best for each resident. In conjunction with therapy, take control of the MDS process and make informed, meaningful decisions.

Our dashboard clearly shows MDS coordinators real-time RUGs III and IV ADL score distributions to help in setting optimal ARDs to capitalize on reimbursement opportunities.

Don’t Wait for the Right Data

You have the data, so why not take control of the analytics? Traditionally, skilled nursing facilities wait until the end of the month to see which residents were billed at A, B, and C ADL levels. With Real Time’s real-time ADL coordination software, you can track each resident’s ADL score in real time before the MDS is created so you can easily identify which residents may have been miscoded before the next ARD.

If you’ve been confused by ARD planners in the past, rest assured that Real Time is different. Our dashboard is intuitive, easy-to-use, and includes only the pertinent information that will help you in setting the right ARD.

Insights You Can Trust

Real Time identifies opportunities for better, more accurate documentation and helps MDS coordinators focus on appropriate ARD setting practices. It also identifies residents with declining functional levels based on real-time ADL scores, helping clinicians to focus on specific resident needs to reduce the risk of costly hospital readmissions.

The daily rehab “huddle” process is enhanced and simplified with daily RUGs IV ADL scoring. Setting ARDs collaboratively has driven accuracy and reimbursements to new levels at skilled nursing facilities using Real Time.

Our comprehensive analytics and decision-making support tools also help your organization advance its Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) initiatives.