Feel the Impact in 30-60 Days

Implementing Real Time real-time healthcare analytics will have an immediate impact on your skilled nursing facility. Clinicians will observe improved resident outcomes, increased clinical efficiency, and reduced hospital readmissions within the first 30 days of using TranSights.

Financial executives will notice reduced costs and increased reimbursements within the first 60 days, all tied to improved ADL scoring, support of accurate documentation, and proactive clinical alerts that keep residents healthy while reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions.

With Real Time, RUGs IV ADL distributions can be assessed per payor on a daily basis. You will no longer be surprised by how many A level ADLs are in your care at the end of the month after MDS’ have been submitted.

Save Time and Money

Stop generating therapy screens based on the OBRA MDS schedule and keep therapists productive with higher screen-to-evaluation ratios. Real Time’s data-driven insights help clinicians get the right therapist to the right resident at the right time. Therapy productivity, combined with a decrease in hospital readmissions due to proactive clinical alerts, will lead your facility to significant cost savings.

Real Time partners steer therapists to the residents that need interventions, returning them back to optimal functional levels as quickly as possible. This has reduced the risk of F309 (Quality of Care) from occurring during surveys and decreased the percent of residents needing help with activities of daily living.