Live Quality Measures

Real Time receives data from the EMR in real time to deliver powerful, actionable clinical insights and Live Quality Measures to nursing leaders before each shift, ensuring clinical decision makers are using the latest documentation to provide the best possible quality of care.

Specific Clinical Alerts Tailored to Your Facility

Improve Skilled Nursing Regulatory Compliance - TranSights DashboardThe generic, industry-standard clinical alerts provided by EMR systems don’t help nurses decide on the best course of action for their residents. In fact, these template clinical messages end up being ignored by most clinical staff members and turn into “white noise.”

Real Time provides your clinicians with specific intervention recommendations tied to your policies and procedures at the start of each shift, ensuring the care provided is in the best interest of the resident and the facility.

Early Intervention Keeps Your Residents Healthy

Slow, gradual deterioration of health conditions can easily go unnoticed by nurses and clinical supervisors in the skilled nursing setting, often resulting in major medical crises that could have been prevented with early detection.

Real Time Live Quality Measures highlight clinical indicators of declining health conditions and brings them to the attention of your clinical staff. This, coupled with specific intervention recommendations and your real-time EMR data, empowers clinicians to provide timely, proactive care to keep residents healthy.

Adapt Quickly to Changes in Health Conditions

With real-time, actionable clinical alerts, clinicians can adjust each resident’s care accordingly, ensuring care is delivered to the right resident at the right time. The entire care team can be confident that their billing is more accurate and compliant than ever before.

Prepare for the IMPACT Act

The Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation (IMPACT) Act will require skilled nursing providers to report standardized resident assessment data and quality measures. With the IMPACT Act, quality measures will have a greater influence on Medicare reimbursements as skilled nursing providers will be required to report on more quality measures.

As this reform to the skilled nursing payment model increases the importance of quality of care to the reimbursement process, facilities must improve the quality of care provided and increase the accuracy of their documentation. Real Time helps skilled nursing providers focus on residents’ needs, which is the primary goal of the IMPACT Act. Facilities using Real Time are going to have a great advantage since IMPACT Act took effect in 2016.