Real Time is Unique in the Clinical Analytics Tool Market

While other clinical analytics software providers require the MDS to be uploaded to their site and audited reports to be prepared at a later timeframe, Real Time is the only provider that does not require any client intervention. Real Time’s proprietary technology utilizes data straight from any EMR. This provides major benefits, including:

A significant labor savings for your clinical team by eliminating the need to upload files. The data that Real TIme utilizes from your EMR is real-time and much more actionable than data taken from an MDS that could be weeks old. Real Time utilizes data from your EMR multiple times per day to ensure that our dashboards are current and meaningful to the client.

Dashboards are available via our web-portal, or can be sent to your inbox immediately, not weeks later. Your EMR may have a report(s) that provides data for analysis, but those reports will need to be printed, consolidated, and audited. TranSights does all this work for you and produces an actionable and interactive dashboard to keep your team aware of clinical trends in your building.

A significant financial and clinical impact will be noticed when working the Real Time’s real-time data instead of MDS data that is several days or weeks old. An ADL error on one 14 day MDS can result in hundreds of dollars of lost reimbursement. The system reduces and eliminates these errors with real-time, shift-by-shift data extracted from your EMR.

Clinically, real-time information is much more relevant for meaningful decision-making. TranSights positively impacts resident care by providing clinical alerts and intervention recommendations to reduce adverse outcomes and RTA (return to acute). You won’t find these capabilities with any other platform.

Improve clinical efficiency and resident outcomes.

Maximize reimbursements and lower cost of care.