EMR data is most impactful when presented in real time. Real Time makes the 24-hour reporting process more comprehensive by updating your clinical dashboard immediately as new data becomes available from any EMR. Empower your clinical staff with the most up-to-date analytics available on the market.

Access to Live Quality Measures

With Real Time, the director of nursing can finally manage care with real-time Quality Measures.  Relying on the old MDS data and dated CASPER reports are now a thing of the past. Real Time identifies newly triggered QMs for rapid clinical response.  These insights allow the facility to implement QAPI measures to improve the care delivery model and to regain the stars they have most recently lost.

Accurate Shift-to-Shift Reporting

With 24/7 analytics from Real Time, the director of nursing can finally have peace of mind that all shifts are delivering complete and consistent quality care. Real Time’s powerful and sophisticated algorithm polls your existing medical record data 24/7/365 and compares it with over 130 unique trends to create insights on each resident’s medical condition.

Meaningful Clinical Guidance and Decision-Making Support

TranSights requires no extra documentation or additional work for clinicians. Our reports are delivered straight to your inbox. Simply print the reports or view them on a mobile device before your morning meeting or at the start of a new shift.

Your nurses will feel empowered with specific intervention recommendations and your director of nursing will have peace of mind knowing that Real Time is providing clinical guidance to the staff, even when he or she is away from the facility.

Real Time was developed by an extremely knowledgeable clinical team with decades of experience working in the skilled nursing market. Our clinical support team is easy to work with, accommodates your requests, and truly works hard to ensure Real Time improves your organization’s clinical efficiencies.

Making Everyone’s Job Easier

Easily track ADL distribution trends at the facility or corporate level over a 30-day window. Clinicians and executives appreciate the transparency of our data and the specific insights that make their jobs easier.

“Analytics have been used in healthcare for over a decade, but mostly by the finance team. Now we are beginning to use analytics to drive performance improvements in healthcare. With the help of Real Time, we are improving the overall care experience, enhancing documentation accuracy and reducing healthcare costs by analyzing our own EMR data in real time.”

VP of Operations