The Real Time Clinical Dashboard is easy to use and intuitive for clinicians. You won’t get lost in a whirlwind of data and charts. We believe in delivering clear, concise data and actionable insights, making Real Time a one-stop resource for meaningful clinical decision support.

Streamline Nurse-to-Nurse Communication

Healthcare Analytics for Skilled Nursing Clinicians - TranSights DashboardNursing administrators and supervisors are often inundated by too many generic clinical alerts from the EMR. These alerts add no value and often interrupt workflow with unnecessary “white noise.”

By tailoring clinical alerts to your facility’s specific policies and procedures, Real Time provides clinical staff with meaningful alerts that will impact resident care. All clinical alerts from Real Time are accompanied by specific intervention recommendations to help improve resident outcomes, making the 24-hour reporting process more comprehensive.

With a user-friendly design nurses love, our clinical reports group alerts together by resident instead of alert type, allowing nurses to access all of a resident’s alerts in one place. By simplifying the reports and alerts, your nursing staff can better understand each resident’s scenario to deliver the most efficient and effective care possible.

Access to Live Quality Measures

With Real Time, clinicians can finally manage care with real-time Quality Measures.  Relying on the old MDS data and dated CASPER reports are now a thing of the past. TranSights’ identifies newly triggered QMs for rapid clinical response.  These insights allow the facility to implement QAPI measures to improve the care delivery model and to regain the stars they have most recently lost.

Operate at Peak Efficiency with Honest Care Insights

Real Time lifts the burden of printing and analyzing multiple electronic reports from the nursing staff by providing comprehensive clinical insights and intervention recommendations in one intuitive, easy-to-understand report. Nurses can now spend more time at each resident’s bedside providing essential care and reducing adverse outcomes.

Your Only Extra Step is Clicking “Print”

Duplicate data entry wastes many clinicians’ valuable time, often consuming an extra 15 minutes of dual entry, taking the focus away from providing care. Unlike other clinical assessment software that forces clinicians to manually enter data into their system separately, Real Time does not require any duplicate documentation or data entry of any kind.

Our daily reports are sent to your inbox so you can quickly print and share at shift-change meetings or log in to the dashboard to view even more insights.