Accurate documentation of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a significant component of reimbursement. The ADL level is what determines the reimbursement rate paid to the facility by Medicare and Medicaid. The difference between an A level ADL score and a B or C level score can be up to $95 per resident per day. The financial impact of accurate ADL calculations cannot be overstated.

Increase Revenue by Documenting Care Provided

For long-term care facilities to receive the appropriate reimbursement amount, it’s critical that resident care is documented correctly. Due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the coding structure, clinicians often under code residents, landing them in an artificial higher-functioning ADL level and causing the facility to miss out on reimbursement funds for care provided.

Real Time receives all pertinent resident information from any EMR and provides a clear picture of your long-term care facility’s financial standing in one easy-to-understand dashboard. Our financial dashboard also tracks high-level ADL distributions at the facility and corporate level over a 30-day window, so you can easily identify key trends.

Keep Heads in Beds with Interventional Analytics

While Real Time makes EMR data transparent for financial executives, our clinical dashboard also provides clinicians with detailed intervention recommendations so they can provide proactive care to reduce costly hospital readmissions.

Real Time’s interventional healthcare analytics protect your long-term care facility’s ROI by alerting clinicians to critical issues, leading to improved reimbursement rates and increased revenues.

ADL Distributions at a 25-facility Chain Before and After Implementing TranSights

A Trusted, Intuitive View of Resident Care

Real Time’s financial dashboard presents only the most important information to guide you in making sound financial decisions for your long-term care facility. You won’t get lost in a sea of data points and charts you don’t care about. Real Time is truly a one-stop resource for meaningful financial decision support.

Real Time was developed by an extremely knowledgeable team with decades of experience working in the long-term care market. Our support team is easy to work with, accommodates your requests, and truly works hard to ensure Real Time improves your organization’s financial efficiencies.