Improve Care Collaboration with LTPAC Partners  

Partnering with LTPAC facilities nationwide, Real Time enables health plans to connect directly to their members care plan during the LTPAC stay. Utilizing the industry’s leading Interventional Analytics solution, case managers will receive live clinical alerts, including interventional recommendations, when a members care in condition changes enabling them to work collaboratively with LTPAC clinicians to avoid rehospitalizations, manage length of stay, and reduce overall total cost of care.  


  • Obtain live clinical data on members care   
  • Improve care coordination 
  • Reduce rehospitalizations  
  • Optimize Population Health  
  • Minimize total cost of care  
  • Enhance quality measures 
  • Improve profitability  


“As Maryland continues to redesign its health care delivery system through the Total Cost of Care Model, our partnership with Real Time, is an example of an innovative approach focused on ensuring that residents receive the highest standard of care while at the same time reducing unnecessary costs within the health care system.”

— Kevin Heffner, Chief Executive Officer of LifeSpan Network

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