Real Time Medical Systems announces contract with University of Maryland Medical System


August 16, 2018

Baltimore-based software company connects hospitals with nursing homes, reducing unnecessary readmissions by more than 40%

Linthicum, MD – Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time), a healthcare interventional analytics company, today announced a major contract with the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS).

Real Time’s ProACT HS program will allow UMMS hospitals to better collect, analyze, and act on patient data in real time after the patient has been discharged to a nursing home. This real-time data and actionable analytics have shown to drastically improve patient care and reduce the number of unnecessary hospital readmissions.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with the University of Maryland Medical System to provide this unique software application. ProACT HS pulls data from the electronic health record of the nursing home patient and allows immediate interventions in care, while supplying visibility of outcomes to the health system partners,” said Dr. Scott Rifkin, M.D., Founder and Executive Chairman of Real Time Medical Systems. “There is simply no product like this on the market today.”

Real Time’s ProACT HS gives health systems visibility into the care and outcomes of nursing home patients. Health systems and skilled nursing facilities can share data in real time and assure optimal patient care. In a recent test with a large US-based medical system, Real Time’s ProAct HS module was shown to reduce hospital readmissions from skilled nursing facilities from 18 percent down to 8.5 percent.

Nationally, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is focusing on reducing unnecessary readmissions from nursing homes back to hospitals. In Maryland, the new state contract with CMS doubles down on that focus and makes health systems responsible for the total cost of patient care in their markets. Hospitals that reduce readmissions not only improve care but also improve their system revenue.

About Real Time Medical Systems, LLC

Real Time Medical Systems, LLC provides a platform to organize and unite a health system’s nursing home network. Real Time allows hospitals and health systems to manage the readmission risks of patients who are currently in nursing facilities and intervene on clinical conditions in real time. This enables the health system to proactively improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions. In addition, Real Time delivers clear, data-driven interventional insights to clinical decision makers and care providers at skilled nursing facilities ensuring quality care improvements and appropriate reimbursement. Over 350 Skilled Nursing Facilities and Health Systems have implemented software modules by Real Time Medical Systems. The company, led by Founder and Executive Chairman Dr. Scott Rifkin, has grown by over 250% in the last fiscal year and services clients in 30+ states. For more information, visit

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