The Real Time Financial™ Dashboard receives important resident care data from the EMR and displays real-time ADL scoring metrics
highlighting opportunities for increased reimbursements.

An Accurate Pulse of Your Skilled Nursing Facility

Educated clinical and financial decision-making is driven by real-time, data-backed healthcare analytics that empower care teams to make meaningful choices to improve resident care, and ultimately impact the bottom line.

View high-level ADL distributions at both the facility and corporate level over a 30-day window with our user-friendly dashboard. Easily identify key trends and discover opportunities for optimizing reimbursements.

How It Works

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Our Analytics Are Your Competitive Advantage

Skilled nursing facilities that demonstrate a focus on quality care will have a competitive advantage over other facilities. With improved clinical outcomes and reduced hospital readmissions, referring physicians, payors, and potential new residents will recognize your facility’s commitment to providing exceptional resident care.

More Financial Insights to Drive Revenue

Real Time Financial™ is not just another analytics tool. Our sophisticated rules-based engine receives EMR data previously inaccessible to financial executives and turns it into actionable insights that can have an immediate impact on your ROI.

With a modest financial investment in Real Time, your facility will easily experience a positive ROI from the savings realized with our system. In fact, for every dollar our customers spend on Real Time Financial™ analytics, they get $10 in return from increased Medicare reimbursements. Our solution easily pays for itself.

Real Time Financial™ Features

  • Real-time EMR data analytics
  • Payor-agnostic
  • Detailed reports delivered to your inbox
  • Actionable financial insights
  • Real-time RUGs III and IV ADL data
  • One central, easy-to-use dashboard