Real Time Clinical™ provides care staff with detailed clinical alerts and intervention recommendations to ensure the appropriate care is administered, improving quality of care and reducing hospital readmissions.

Proactively manage quality data and outcomes with Live Quality Measures. Real Time uses your live clinical documentation to generate daily QMs.  These calculated care measures allow staff the opportunity to place corrective measures in place to reduce these measures in real-time.  The days of relying on old MDS data and dated CASPER Reports are over.
Real Time Clinical is your facility’s trusted clinical decision support partner. Based on resident data received from your EMR, Real Time generates alerts with specific intervention recommendations for each resident. Clinical leaders can equip caregivers with detailed instructions to improve each resident’s outcome, ensuring nurses are performing the correct interventions at the right time.

How It Works

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Super Simple to Use…Really

Eliminate manual report pulls and duplicate data entry by accessing all of your critical information in one centralized location with our comprehensive, intuitive, web-based dashboard.  Identify which residents recently triggered 5 Star influenced QMs and proactively manage that risk.

Nurses love the user-friendly design of our clinical reports. Grouping alerts together by resident, instead of alert type, allows nurses to access all of a resident’s alerts in one place. By simplifying the reports and alerts, your nursing staff can better understand each resident’s scenario to deliver the most efficient and effective care possible.

Regain Your Lost Stars With Live Quality Measures

Until now, facilities were still dependent upon MDS completion to view QM results.  Real Time Quality Measures displays live Quality Measures to help facilities proactively manage their quality data and outcomes.  Real Time uses the live clinical documentation to generate daily measures.  These calculated care measures allow staff the opportunity to place corrective measures in place to reduce these measures in real-time.  Facilities can identify which residents recently triggered the measure or have been in the measure over the last seven days.  These insights allow the facility to implement QAPI measures to improve the care delivery model and to regain the stars they have most recently lost.

Clinical Alerts Customized to Your Facility

Intervention recommendations are delivered directly to the care team in one easy-to-read report. The report can be segmented by unit and quickly handed out to the appropriate staff so they can make their rounds and have an immediate positive impact on resident care.

While EMRs produce a limited set of generic clinical alerts, Real Time’s analytics-based alerts can be tailored to fit your facility’s unique policies and procedures. Our clinical support team will customize your alerts so they are meaningful for your facility and have an immediate and direct impact on resident care.

For example, when a resident diagnosed with CHF has newly documented edema and weight gain, Real Time can setup a customized alert to notify your clinicians when the event occurs, ensuring the appropriate care is provided to avoid re-hospitalization.

Real Time Clinical™ Features

  • Real-time EMR data analysis
  • Clinical alerts customized to your facility
  • Live daily Quality Measures
  • Detailed at risk residents
  • Specific intervention recommendations
  • Detailed shift-to-shift reports delivered to your inbox
  • No duplicate data entry required
  • Works with any EMR