Providing Frontline Caregivers Actionable Data to Advance Infection Control and Prevention.

Real Time’s Infection Risk Assessment tools enable clinicians to identify early warning signs of infectious diseases to avoid potential outbreaks. Through early detection, paired with Real Time’s Interventional Analytics solution, clinicians are able to better identify, manage, and proactively intervene in care days in advance.


Capture Infectious Disease Keywords Within the EHR

With Real Time’s Infection Risk Keyword Report, we scan the LTPAC EHR and nurses’ notes for over 70 keywords relevant to emerging infections, including cough, shortness of breath, lethargy, and more.


Receive Live Clinical Alerts

Through comprehensive algorithms and logic, Real Time analyzes specific infectious disease markers and pushes live clinical alerts when subtle changes in condition occur, including increased temperature, respiration, pulse, and O2 saturation.


Focus on Interventional Performance

Identifying which residents may be at higher risk of infection, clinicians are able to efficiently intervene in care to avoid potential outbreaks from advancing.


Monitor High-Risk Patients

Using Real Time’s patent-pending CARD Readmission Risk Scoring tool, easily monitor those patients that are at the highest risk.


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