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How a skilled nursing facility improved readmissions, clinical quality and its finances

By January 19, 2018 News, News Room No Comments
Source: Healthcare Finance

Vernon Manor and Manchester Manor deployed software on top of its EHR to analyze clinical data fields and recommend interventions

Rather than stay in the paper-based environment common to many skilled nursing facilities, Liistro’s facilities are moving forward into what he sees as the future of long-term care.

For two years now, Liistro has been using Real Time Medical Systems, which has been expanding its presence thanks to a partnership with healthcare distributor Medline Industries. Essentially a platform that sits on top of a facility’s electronic medical record, Real Time analyzes 150 clinical data fields, provides recommended interventions and consolidates the data into a single report. It gives the two Connecticut facilities a fresh report each day at 12:01.

Now, Liistro and his staff don’t have to wait until the EMR’s minimum data set pinpoints a trend that’s happening. That has improved clinical quality, which in turn has resulted in fewer patients being readmitted to a local hospital.

“That is a metric that is problematic, because it’s very expensive for the federal government,” said Liistro. “It’s problematic for us and the industry because the government is now creating a program where they penalize us for readmissions, and that starts in 2018. So you have to look for solutions that are going to help you avoid those things. If you’re lowering the readmissions rate, you’re starting to do things better.”

The two facilities have also been able to improve their patients’ lengths of stay. In Connecticut, the average length of stay for a patient in a skilled nursing facility is…

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