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Real Time Medical Systems Unveils Live Quality Measures

By May 19, 2015 News, News Room No Comments

Real Time Medical Systems (RTMS), provider of in-depth clinical and financial analytics and insights to skilled nursing facilities across the United States, recently launched Live Quality Measures (QMs).

RTMS’ main product suite, TranSights™, receives key resident information from the facility’s electronic medical record (EMR) and delivers specific clinical and financial insights to skilled nursing decision makers to maximize reimbursements, reduce hospital readmissions, lower the cost of care, and improve regulatory compliance.

TranSights’ clinical decision support tools analyze each resident’s health data, providing clinicians customized clinical alerts and specific intervention recommendations to improve quality outcomes. TranSights also analyzes real-time Activities of Daily Living (ADL) metrics to ensure residents are properly categorized to capture appropriate reimbursement amounts.

Until now, Quality Measure management has always been a “too little, too late” process–CNO Ohio

“Our product is truly unique in the long-term healthcare analytics market,” commented Gary Duty, chief executive officer, Real Time Medical Systems. “Enhanced Live Quality Measures reflect what our analytics and professional services can do for skilled nursing facilities. This new functionality will be a powerful resource for clinicians, CNOs, and other skilled nursing decision makers.”

Until now, facilities were still dependent upon MDS completion to view QM results. Real Time Medical Systems (RTMS) displays live Quality Measures to help facilities proactively manage their quality data and outcomes. RTMS uses the live clinical documentation to generate daily QMs. These calculated care measures allow staff the opportunity to place corrective measures in place to reduce these measures in real-time. Facilities can identify which residents recently triggered the QM or have been in the QM over the last seven days. These insights allow the facility to implement QAPI measures to improve the care delivery model and to regain the stars they have most recently lost.

Jim Shearon, Senior Clinical Account Manager, RTMS states: “All QMs are worth close examination because they are not just numbers; they reflect the clinical problems experienced by the residents. Some of the problems identified by QMs are avoidable, while others may occur as a natural consequence of increasing illness and frailty.”
About Real Time Medical Systems

RTMS delivers clear, data-driven analytical insights to clinical decision makers and care providers, ensuring quality care improvements and financial gain for long-term care facilities. RTMS’ predictive analytics and decision support tools lower the cost of care, reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions, and ensure facilities receive proper reimbursement for the amount of care provided. Long-term care facilities across the US trust RTMS as their healthcare analytics partner. To learn more about RTMS, visit http://www.myrtms.com or call (412) 927-2472.

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