How ACOs Can Adopt Technologies to Lower Costs in Value-Based Programs

In a VBC setting, sharing actionable data across differing systems can lead to a population that is healthier overall, with fewer chronic conditions, requiring less care—leading to lower costs. Within ACOs, pay-for-performance is the motivator. VBC refocuses how we think of care delivery and presents a snapshot of the patient across the entire continuum of care. Moving forward, we are only going to see more VBC programs.

To perform well in VBC, providers need systems that extend outside their four walls. They need to be able to track and monitor patients no matter where they are located or what care setting they’re in to achieve the best outcomes and hit their performance metrics. This cannot be done without the assistance of technology.

In our latest publication, Phyllis Wojtusik demonstrates the challenges ACOs face in implementing value-based programs with post-acute providers and how employing technology can empower seamless care coordination to achieve clinical and financial success.

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