For FLAACOS 2021 Annual Fall Conference Attendees: St. Joseph’s Health System Reduces Readmissions, Saves $1.6M

Our latest case study explains how St. Joseph’s Health System leveraged the Real Time Interventional Analytics platform to achieve significant cost savings and improve patient care through post-acute data transparency. Initially, St. Joseph’s had no way to track their patients’ day-to-day care and outcomes once they moved from acute to post-acute care (PAC). Now that St. Joseph’s PAC partners share live patient data via Real Time’s platform, the health system can see which patients are at highest risk on any given day and if the SNFs are adjusting care appropriately.


Since implementing the Real Time solution, St. Joseph’s has effectively managed their patients’ post-acute stay with remarkable results. The health system has saved $1.6M dollars and reduced hospital readmissions by 25% and they’re just getting started!


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